Rustic Wedding | Gruene Estate

I’m so happy to show you these beautiful rustic wedding photos at the Gruene Estate in Gruene, Texas. I loved second shooting this wedding with a very dear friend/sister of mine Alyse Lea Photography. This was the first time shooting almost 5 full rolls of film! I can’t even believe I did it, but it’s a start. I love how the film images are creamy and sharp at the same time. If you love the feel of these images its because they are mostly film since I was able to second shoot I was able to shoot more film than I normally do being able have more room for error. I highly suggest if you want to start shooting film to do it for weddings you second shoot once you have taken all of the pictures that your main photographer wants/needs you to do for them on digital, and of course always make sure it is okay with the main photographer. This blog post is actually 98% film! Can you spot the digitals? They were edited with Mastin Labs Fuji 400h Neutral preset! I did a little bit of post process, and I’m telling you guys they are awesome presets for matching digital to film. I love them so much!! Gruene is so beautiful I can’t wait to shoot there again someday! I loved loved loved this venue! 

For all you camera nerds these images were shot on a Contax 645 with Zeiss 80mm 2.0 + Fuji400h rated at 200. They were scanned by Photovision

Venue: Gruene Estate


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