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One of the best questions clients ask me is what they should wear.

Why is it the best?

Because I love being apart of my clients wardrobe choice! This means they trust me & care about my input.

So, I put together 5 tips to help engaged couples near and far figure out what the heck to wear. I am using one of my favorite styled couples, Candace & Nick. I will be referencing them throughout the blog.

Picking out what to wear is already a hell of a problem, but when you know these outfits are specifically for photos you start to panic a little.

Well don’t fret my dear, I am here to help with 5 tips that should get you the images you’ve been dying for.

Tip # 1 : Be yourself & dress comfortably

Nothing is worse than feeling out of place in the clothes you are wearing. I love when I wear clothes that are 100% me. I feel confident and beautiful it shines throughout my body from the way I walk to the way I smile. That’s what you should think about when looking for your engagement outfits.

Always stay true to yourself and your style.

No need to do what everyone else is doing. Keep on your path and wear something that is totally you.

Tip #2 something Casual & Something Fancy

Keep your outfits down to two: A fancy one, and a casual one. The  casual can be nice t-shirt and Jeans something you’d wear out to lunch with friends. In the session featured, Candace paired a flowy dress with a nice jersey button up on her man, Nick. This outfit is so casual and comfortable, I fell in love as soon as they stepped out of the car.  The other — I like to call the fancy outfit. Candace is wearing a short lace dress and Nick is wearing a beautiful suit. Woman can wear long flowy dresses and men can wear a nice suit, with or without a tie. However you wanna dress these two outfits is completely up to you but you get the general idea. 

Tip #3 wear complementary outfits & colors

Try not to match colors or patterns but always compliment each other. Be mindful of your color pattern and how the colors flow together. Neutral tones, solids and pastels look the best on camera. Candace picked neutral tones. Solids paired with lace; the warm color mauve paired with blue tones.

Stay away from wearing neon or crazy patterns.

One thing to keep in mind is that whatever you are wearing reflects up to your face and skin and will show in the images. Wearing neon or even colors that don’t mesh with your natural undertone can mess up a perfect image.

Tip #4 be mindful of your environment

When choosing an outfit; be really mindful of the location of your session. If you are shooting somewhere really green think about the colors that you will be wearing and if they will compliment the green tones. Maybe you are shooting on a beach and you’ll have blue and sand tones in your background; you’ll want to wear something that will really compliment those tones.

Tip #5 stick with a timeless look & ditch the trends

This is probably my favorite tip, & one I am super passionate about. Be timeless. Really try to ditch the trends and stick to something classic that will be gorgeous no matter what time period you are looking at it in! I can promise you will thank me in a few years.

Think Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, & Grace Kelly. 

In other words, think about looking at the photos in 50 years. What can you wear that would still look great? I think Candace and Nick did a great job of this. I can imagine looking at these photos in 50 years and thinking they are so classic!

Bonus Tip: Bring a Bouquet

Flowers are always a good idea! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet of colorful flowers? I LOVE when my couples show up with blooms in tow. Makes my whole day.

There is just something about a beautiful arrangement of flowers and greenery that gets me so inspired.

Getting one made by the florist of your wedding is even better! If you aren’t doing a bridal session this is the perfect time for a trial bouquet! 


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