Vendor Spotlight: 5 questions for Mercury Hall in Austin Texas



Hi friend! If you are here to learn more about the beautiful Mercury Hall wedding and event space then you have come to the right place!

This post is the first in a new blog series I am doing this year highlighting amazing wedding vendors. I will be interviewing vendors across Austin & hosting their knowledge all in one place aka this blog for my brides, and future brides but also open to whoever needs it!

So naturally first on the list is one of my favorite wedding venues here in Austin to shoot at I seriously love the lighting and the whole place. Ugh Mercury Hall, you are so beautiful!




Mercury Hall is conveniently located on South 1st on a hilltop on 4 acres of land. I use to live about 5 min from this venue and could walk there easily. That’s how I learned about this stunning place and as soon as I went and checked out their website I knew It was going to be one of my favorite venues in Austin. From the gorgeous landscaping to lush trees and the beautiful all white reception room makes it a photographers dream venue.

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and talking to the director of events at Mercury Hall, Courtney Landers. She was so sweet, and friendly and answered all of my questions! Keep reading to get the full scoop.



1. Question: What is the history behind this venue?

Answer: The building itself was built in 1904 out in West Texas. Moved here in ’97 in four separate pieces, renovated, and then we sit on 4 acres right here on South 1st. The whole building itself was original. We added on the prep kitchen space basically and it was renovated in 2004. There was like an old kitchen wall where the wall of windows is, opened up that whole wall. Michael shoe was one of the investors, and he is an architect in Austin he designed it to open up into the outdoor space so it flows and you see the whole courtyard.

2. Question: Whats the biggest event you can have here?

Answer: Depends on how you wanna use the space and what your rain plan is. We have had reception only events up to 275 but otherwise inside we can seat I’d say up to 125 135 comfortably with the dance floor, but sometimes we do weddings quite often around 200, it gets a little trickier after 200.

3. Question: So what about the rain plan?

Answer: So making everything inside and flipping the space or renting a tent for the courtyard is possible.

4. Question: So do you provide rentals?

Answer: Tents would have to be rented from a third party vendor but we do offer table and chairs for an additional add on of $300, or you can go rent from anyone else.

5. Question: What options for the ceremony are there?

Answer: So we have the set area in the courtyard and out on the lawn. We’ve also had clients get married near the tree gravel by the front and have the chairs going down either side. You can also get married inside in the top right corner or the room.



My takeaways

No question about it, Mercury Hall has their shit together, and this building has an amazing history and depth to it. I don’t know about you, but I love to imagine buildings as living breathing things. This place has seen so much, and lived thru so many memories.

A plus here is that its so close to downtown, such a perfect photogenic place, has amazing customer service, and has history. A dream venue for brides, and vendors alike.

To learn more about this gorgeous wedding venue head to their website Here or check them out on instagram!

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