River Inspired Shoot Featured on Wedding Sparrow | Austin Wedding Photographer

I dreamt this shoot up, and I am so glad I was able to bring it to life. It was important that the shoot have a consistent, organic ambiance. Built around the beautiful vintage dress, the light look was accessorized with pearls as pops of the slight chicness to match the dapper European fit suit. Rather than a flashy diamond, a flower ring was constructed to match the flowers placed in the model’s braid, integrating the model and the wildlife further together. This river styled shoot is nature at it’s best as the runaway wedding emits a timeless feel of a 1910-early 1920s organic, free love.

I put this shoot together with serenity in mind. I love the idea of having a simple, calm, & peaceful wedding, something you can think back on and think that was so easy. It doesn’t take much to make a scene beautiful, just a gorgeous location some vintage clothing, and the one you love by your side. I knew I wanted this shoot to be as organic & nature filled as possible. The canoe was in my head from the beginning. I also knew I wanted something on land with water close by and this location was spot on perfect. The thought process of this shoot was to keep everything super simple, but bring organic elements to play as well.

Featured on Wedding Sparrow | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Floral Design: Davy Gray



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