Austin Wedding Photographer | Couple Session

To say that I am obsessed with this session is an understatement. Oh how I wish it snowed in Austin, Texas. I would love to do an engagement session like this in my beautiful city. I loved this couple and how they endured the cold for these precious shots. Working in the cold is definitely something you have to get used too. It was about 5 degrees, and I was freezing my butt off. This session lasted about 10 minutes. YES I AM NOT KIDDING. My plan was to take the photos I wanted in the shortest amount of time possible & I knocked them out so fast. It was so cold I could barely change my roll of film, but thank god I did because this has to be my favorite engagement session to date. I love it so much! How can you not? The snow acts as a huge reflector and lit up this couple like a dream. I am so happy I take opportunities like this one. Canada you were the best decision!! I honestly would love to shoot a wedding or more engagement sessions in the snow. If you are reading this and live somewhere this would be possible please contact me! I would love to work something out, just so I can shoot in the snow again!! I loved it!

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