I grew up the oldest of 6. I'm a caring, and nurturing person by default. I constantly make sure the people around me are taken care of and are always happy. I hate letting people down, so I do my absolute best to go above and beyond in everything I do. The "things" that mean most to me are the people in my life that constantly support me, and my dog, Phoebe. I have the sweetest job in the world. I don't take it lightly, everyday I wake up mindful of the greatest gift I could have in life. Doing what I love for a living. I get to capture time in its tracks. Freeze any moment, and tell the story the way I see it unfolding. I'm inspired everyday by light, love, traveling, and seeing beauty in everything. The world is the most wonderfully painted portrait, and I want to capture every inch of it. I am a hopeless romantic and finally found my soul mate. We are complete opposites, but fit together like a puzzle piece. Our goals are so spot on, and the way we look at the world is almost identical. I want couples that are just like us! I am an old soul, and sometimes get told I'm way beyond my years. In my spare time, I read, hike, camp, crochet, drink coffee, or wine, and plan me and my boyfriends Tiny House on wheels. If you are a soon to be bride that loves a good laugh, has a compassionate, and loving heart, has an old soul, loves to travel, and can appreciate a good conversation then you are my girl. Let me photograph your life so that 50 years when you look back on the photos they are still timeless, romantic, and forever beautiful.